Insulator type 24/36kv AC/DC Voltage Detector Indicator 

The MVDH series of live line voltage presence indicators provide a means to detect visually the presence of AC and DC voltage in medium voltage lines, capacitors or busbars. This novel design is housed in a insulator bushing type enclosure and presents 6 light pipes radially distributed around it. The flashing circuitry inside the bushing makes the LED indication of voltage clearly visible to operators. Also a fiber optic cable can be routed from the insulator to a user front panel.

The detector in casted inside a generously sized epoxy insulator that adds in maintaining the insulation coordination margins of the overall system.

AC/DC Medium Voltage Indicator


Rated voltage7.2kV12kV24kV36kV
LED frequency at rated voltage2Hz2Hz2Hz2Hz
Overvoltage factor1.9x8h1.9x8h1.9x8h1.9x8h
Input current<350uA<350uA<350uA<350uA


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