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Gate Explorer Voltage Probe - SAKER

The Gate Explorer Voltage Probe is a modular fiber isolated voltage probe that allows power electronic engineers to measure floating gate voltages from semiconductors, floating current shunts or bipolar junctions with the advantages of fiber isolation. Two input ranges enable the measurement of low level signals riding in rapidly varying common modes, all with an exceptional CMRR, something that is not possible with differential probes. The probe is USB powered, supports tripod mounting to minimise common mode capacitance and connects to any oscilloscope with a BNC input.
The probe features a touch protected SMB input connector, 10kVrms isolation and external cable accessories to make DUT to probe connections.


Also for information on our isolated split probe visit the XFVP Probe page.

The GEVP probe is expected to be available by mid-2023


GEVP User Manual
GEVP Specifications
Measurements with the GEVP Probe
GEVP Accessories


Models Compared

(Expected early-2024)
Type of probeSplit ProbeSplit ProbeModular Probe
Bandwidth200MHz, 100MHz models200MHz, 100MHz models200MHz
Input range2.5V , up to 2500V with external attenuators2.5V , up to 2500V with external attenuators2V, external attenuators
Max. common mode50kV50kV1200V
Remote power-off of probe headYesNoN/A
Fiber cable length2m..12m2..25mN/A
Offset adjustmentDigital auto adjustmentDigital auto adjustment
(with no signal at input)
Manual adjustment
Gain adjustmentDigital auto adjustmentTrimpot adjustmentManual adjustment
OutputCoaxial cable, BNC 50OhmCoaxial cable, BNC 50OhmCoaxial cable, BNC 50Ohm
PowerReceiver USB powered, Transmitter uses AA batteriesReceiver USB powered, Transmitter uses AA batteriesUSB
External attenuator includedYes, one to choose
(x2, x5, x10 or x50)
Yes, one to choose
(x2, x5, x10 or x50)



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