Fiber Isolated AC Current Probe




The HVCP from SAKER is a novel AC current probe that provides high voltage isolation via fiber optic cables. The current sensor is a Rogowski coil which is small, lightweight and can be tied around conductors without breaking the current path. Not only is this approach advantageous from the voltage isolation point of view, but is also immune to typical radiated interferences and capacitances created when using long coaxial measuring cables. Both probe head and handheld receiver are battery powered. The receiver lacks a proprietary output connector and thus can be connected to any oscilloscope or measuring instrument via a standard BNC connector.

Models are available in 500, 1000 and 2000A current ranges, with optional customization for other currents

When not in use both emitter and receiver can be configured into standby mode, which reduces power consumption, increases battery duration and increases operator safety by preventing the user reaching into potentially hazardous areas.


Isolated Current Probe HVCP
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SpecificationHVCP500 / HVCP500LHVCP1000 / HVCP1000LHVCP2000 / HVCP2000L
Bandwidth2Hz..2MHz (100KHz for -L models)2Hz..2MHz (100KHz for -L models)2Hz..2MHz (100KHz for -L models)
Maximum measurable current530A1060A2120A
Rogowski enclosed circular conductor diameter, max71mm71mm71mm
Overall accuracy2%2%2%
Fiber cable lengths3m standard, others optional3m standard, others optional3m standard, others optional
















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