SAKER announces the ISOVP probe with fiber isolation for high voltage and medium voltage systems.

The ISOVP probe was developed to solve the needs in research and development or modern power modules, featuring very low input tip capacitance and increased measurement accuracy by means of a calibrate function that brings the zero automatically to its position and calibrates the gain of the probe, all this without the need to disconnect the input signal as compared to other probes.

When not in use the probe head can be configured into standby mode remotely from the receiver, which reduces power consumption, increases battery duration and increases user safety by avoiding manipulation within potentially hazardous high voltage areas. Also, the receiver also signals the user of a possible low battery condition both in the transmitter and the receiver.

The probe head is small enough to be used inside cabinets and small modules. It also features a camera mount type tripod thread that allows easy placement and clearances from the probe to ground to be maintained.

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