Isolated Temperature Probe TM200




The TM200 system allows the remote and safe measurement of temperatures by transmitting digital data over a fiber optic cable. The temperature sensor used is a platinum RTD that is highly accurate and lacks the need to have an external temperature reference (cold junction) typical in thermocouples. Also the sensor is supplied in 3 different terminations to adapt to different customer needs. A great engineering effort has been put on the design of the TM200 transmitter to make it as small as possible, and ease its use in tightly spaced power modules, transformers or electronic cabinets.


The TM200 receiver is fitted in a battery powered handheld enclosure that outputs the temperature as a proportional voltage (10mV/∘C) through a standard BNC connector and whose output can be connected to standard digital multimeters with the supplied cable for a direct temperature reading. Also, the TM200 can be connected to data recorders or a digital oscilloscope configured with a long timebase that will provide direct reading as well as waveform recording capabilities.


Fiber Optic Isolated Temperature Sensor TM200
Flyer TM200


SpecificationTM200 System
Conversion resolution12 bits
Emitter dimensions6x4x2 cm
Output conversion ratio10mV/ºC
Max output voltage3.25V (325ºC)
Element typePlatinum RTD
Sensor cable length25cm
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