Fiber Isolated Temperature Probe TM160




Saker TM160 Probe

The TM160 system allows the remote and safe measurement of temperatures in surfaces whose voltage potential exceeds that of the electrical isolation found in other measurement probes. Thermography techniques have limited use due to reflections of materials in the far infrared region or inaccessibility issues to the object to be measured. Adding isolation to a temperature sensor defeats the purpose of the measurement and for optimal accuracy a sensor needs to be in close touch with the surface. The TM160 system solves the isolation problem by transmitting the measured temperature by a sensor over a fiber optic cable. 

The receiver is powered by USB and outputs a proportional voltage level via a BNC or banana plug connector.


Fiber Optic Isolated Temperature Sensor Manual
Brochure TM160


Standard fiber length1m
Output conversion ratio10mV/ºC
Max. measurable temp.150C/302F
Update rate10Hz
Sensor cable length15cm
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