Fixed type 6/12/24/36kv AC/DC Medium Voltage Detector Indicator 

The MDVZ voltage presence indicator provide a means to detect visually the presence of AC/DC voltage, from 40V to 40kV, in medium or high voltage lines, capacitors or busbars. This design is based on an insulator with active detection electronics and a control panel connected by a cable whose length is user-selectable. The front panel operation is microprocessor controlled and performs internal battery voltage check, LEDs test and overall system tests.

The detector in casted inside a generously sized epoxy insulator that together with the 405MOhm input impedance adds in maintaining the insulation coordination of the overall system.

AC/DC Medium/High Voltage Indicator MVDZ


Rated voltage36kV
LED frequency 3Hz
Overvoltage factor1.9x8h
Activation voltage40Vdc/Vrms
Internal battery9V PP3
Impedance to ground405MOhm


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