SAKER announces the new RCP current probe for measuring AC currents in power electronics, motors and electric grids. The RCP current probe offers 2MHz bandwidth, low noise and a 100A to 500A measuring range. It is based on a Rogowski coil which is small, lightweight and can be tied around conductors without breaking the current path. As a novelty the current sensor is attached to the amplifier box, thus lacking the typical coaxial cable that usually clutters measurement setups. A version with a 20 cm pigtail between coil and transducer is also available. The probe can be connected to any oscilloscope or measuring instrument via a standard BNC connector, thus leaving the user to decide upon the cable length to the measuring oscilloscope. The amplifier also signals the user of a possible low battery condition.

SAKER also offers customization in the RCP series for those clients who may need different specifications.

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