We offer products for the measurement of voltage, current and temperature. Voltage detectors are part of our product line due to our commitment to safety in high voltage and medium voltage systems. Our solutions offer fiber optic isolation as one of our core technologies. Contact us for any questions, we are here to help.


Voltage Measurement 
Fiber Isolated Voltage Probe ISOVP
Fiber Isolated Voltage Probe ISOVP-L
Fiber Isolated Voltage Probe GEVP
Isolated Medium Voltage Sensor


Current Measurement 
AC Rogowski Current Probe
Fiber Optic Isolated AC Current Probe
Fiber Optic Isolated DC Current Probe


Medium Voltage Detectors/Indicators 
Voltage Detector Module MVD
Fixed type Medium Voltage Detector  MVDZ


Temperature Measurement 
Fiber Optic Isolated Temperature Probe


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