SAKER announces the new TM200 temperature probe system that allows the remote and safe measurement of temperatures in surfaces whose voltage potential exceeds that of the electrical isolation found in other measurement probes. Adding isolation to a temperature sensor defeats the purpose of the measurement, and for optimal accuracy a sensor needs to be in close touch with the surface. Also thermography techniques have limited use due to reflections of materials in the far infrared region or inaccessibility issues to the object to be measured. The TM200 system solves the isolation problem by converting the measured temperature by the sensor into digital data and transmitting it by means of a fiber optic cable.

The TM200 features a miniature transmitter that can be placed inside small modules or cabinets. The receiver is fitted in a battery powered handheld enclosure that outputs the temperature as a proportional voltage through a standard BNC connector. Its output can be connected to standard DMMs, digital oscilloscopes or data recorders.

The sensor used in the TM200 is a platinum RTD that is highly accurate and lacks the need to have an external temperature reference (cold junction) typical in thermocouples.


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