AC/DC High Voltage Detector in Modular form





The MVD series of live line AC/DC voltage presence indicators provide a means to detect visually the presence of dangerous voltages in medium voltage lines, capacitors or busbars. The MVD15, MVD25 and MVD30 come in module form easy to be installed in power modules or electric cabinets. Digital multimeters are limited to 1kV DC or AC maximum so there is a need to reliably and safely identify the presence of hazardous voltages in power electronics equipment. Four high intensity red LEDs will blink at a rate greater than 2Hz when the input voltage is higher than the activation voltage. Blink intensity and rate remain constant through the entire activation voltage range.  Also, the MVD series of detectors are extremely tolerant to input over voltages.

The MVD30F and MVD25F model provides visual signaling through a 1.5m fiber optic (different lengths available) that carries the light pulse to a panel mounted light pipe, thus avoiding the need for auxiliary supplies on the low voltage area to signal the presence of voltage.  


MVD30/MVD25/MVD15 AC/DC Voltage Detector
HV Detectors in Power Electronics


Max input voltage DC1800V2900V3500V
Max input voltage AC1200V2100V2500V
Overvoltage DC, 3s3500V3100V4200V
Activation voltage (25C)85V20V130V
LED frequency2Hz2Hz2Hz




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